About Us

Here is what you need to know about us.

Local Flower shops are closing at a rapid rate.

The internet has created many opportunities to help local florist flourish.

However If local florists don’t embrace the power of the internet they will surly be left behind, that means gone forever.

There are also huge corporations that are using the internet and other technologies to circumvent the local florist, and the surrounding communities.

Shipping flowers direct to consumers from huge farms in foreign countries. These companies are destroying the local florists ability to compete.

When you close down a local florist there is a whole ecosystem of other supporting professions that also suffer. Think accounts, lawyers,

Thats where we come in.

We don’t like the thought of local flower shops being destroyed by huge corporations or companies that are participating ing in direct from foreign countries. Often presented as eco friendly options that are not necessarily more eco friendly.

With flowers grow in other countries we are not privy to the process to witch they are farmed, or what chemicals or practices they are using because they are outside the jurisdiction of the American Rules and regulations.

Don’t get me wrong. yes there are a few system in place that are better for business for these farmers. and that’s what I would like to accomplish.

Quality flowers grown ethnicity, shipped ethically and supporting local florists and local communities.

We help small local florists get the business they need to survive by assisting them with the tecknoldgey they need to get online orders from local customers that use the internet to order flowers.

By collecting orders from online customers and forwarding those orders to actual Local florists, with actually flower shops, who hand create and deliver their beautiful bouquets by local floral designers and local drivers with flowers acquired thru local distributors, that all keep local economies flourishing.

Our goal is to prevent the large corporations from circumventing the local florist.

All of the orders placed on our site are fulfilled by a local florist.